Wouldn’t it be nice if real estate leads came to you and it eliminated the need to chase every (bad) opportunity that presented itself? What if leads called you because they know you are the go-to person for their real estate needs? This is the reality for agents who focus on niche marketing.

Niche marketing can be extremely lucrative for agents who are consistent, informed and authoritative. Here are 5 tips on how to break into a new real estate niche.

1.) Identify the Niche

A real estate niche can be anything from the common First Time  Home Buyer niche to the less common  equestrian property niche. Pick a niche that you are passionate about.

2.) Educate Yourself

No stone should remain unturned when seeking out ways to educate and assist people within your niche. Any information you can provide to your clients above and beyond what other real estate agents are providing will set you apart.  Over time, you will find that people will be seeking you out to represent them with buying or selling.

3.) Be Vocal

Don’t be afraid that you are new to the niche. Make connections, network and let others know that you can help. Become active within your community. Seek out connections that are directly related to your niche and offer to speak at an event, host a seminar or meet strategic partners for lunch.

4.) Focus your Marketing

Create a website that is niche specific. (LiveWire Solution is an excellent resource!) Your marketing content should reflect your expertise in the niche. The LiveWire Solution is a great tool for those looking to expand into niche marketing. With the ability to filter multiple domains in to one CRM, we make it easy to manage and grow your business.

5.) Be Consistent

Don’t give up! Breaking in to a new niche takes patience. With consistent marketing, networking and a little patience, you will soon find yourself as the go-to agent within your niche.