There is no typical day in the life of a real estate agent. There are tasks constantly changing- administrative duties, open houses, lead generation, meetings with clients, property tours, property closings, and the list goes on. So how do you manage your stream of paperwork and successfully manage your business? The key is a platform that incorporates a transaction manager!

Well hey! The LiveWire has you covered again. Remember, we are a ONE LOGIN end-to-end solution. From lead generating IDX websites to transaction manager- you get it all when you sign up.

Transaction management software will automate processes, manage leads, reduce paperwork, and most importantly untie your busy hand so you can make more money! Transaction Manager will allow you to spend 20% less time on each transaction and increase closings so you can focus on new leads and closing even more properties.


Organization and Effectiveness

Transaction Manager allows you to access your files and documents in digital form from any place, any time. By automating the transaction process, you can receive deadlines and reminders automatically. This eliminates guesswork and allows you to complete more tasks efficiently by keeping you organized and focused. Nothing falls through the cracks!



Transaction Manger can improve communication between you and your clients, your broker, and your team. It allows all parties involved in a transaction to manage, view, and share information and documents in real time, keeping everyone updated every step of the way. LiveWire’s transaction manager allows you to establish a client login; they will be able to view any information you allow them to!

See how easy it is to set up a client login with the LiveWire…


Competitive Advantage

Transaction Manager keeps your data readily accessible from any device and it helps you automate and grow your business by increasing efficiency, organization, and communication. It is an invaluable tool because our platform identifies someone as a potential lead all the way through closing, having one place to put all of that data to keep it arranged is helpful!

You have the competitive edge over other real estate agents that do not use a transaction manager because you are staying efficient, organized, and allowing clients to see documents associated with each transaction. You will have more clarity to focus your drive on gaining new customers.


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