Real Estate Lead Generation is how us real estate agents keep our jobs! It is important to have proper real estate websites to funnel your leads, a great referral system, and being up to date with current contacts. The LiveWire Solution has designed a one login, end-to-end solution for you to have amazing real estate lead generation but also tools designed to keep your leads!

Keeping in touch with all of your leads and contacts is always our goal as real estate agents. We have tools that help you “touch” each lead and contact. From Communication Plans (drip campaigns) to a quick single email, to a text blast to multiple leads/contacts—it is all included in our ONE LOGIN platform.

What are your options for a one time “Blast” to a certain group of leads/contacts?

We have three!

Snail Mail, Email, and Texting! Yes, that is correct- you can text directly from our platform with the assistance of a third party named Twilio. When you sign up with the LiveWire we will help you establish a Twilio account and integrate it with our platform for you to utilize this key tool.

Why do you need a Blast feature?

It’s important to have a feature, such as the Blast feature, to contact all or a certain group of your leads/contacts with the click of a button. These blast tools are made for the one time notification to leads/contacts. Use this feature for thanking a group of people, sending out community information (also blog about directly on your real estate website!), upcoming reminders/events with a group, or simply reaching out and saying “hey”. Keeping in contact and remaining the local expert with your leads and contacts helps grow your business!

How do our Blasts work?

Simply Click which type you want to send (snail mail, email, or text) and send a new blast. Then, you get to select from your contacts list who will receive your blast (You can CC and BCC as well for emails). Select a template if you have one in the template library OR Type your message in the message box. For emails, you can add videos, links, signatures, attach files etc. And lastly, schedule your blast. You can either send now or schedule a date in the future. Here is a sneak peek of our email blast screen…

Blast Your Business with LiveWire

The process is almost the same for snail mail and text message. Texts are limited to 160 characters and for snail mail you can choose letters, labels, and envelops.


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