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Can I send Video Emails?

Absolutely! Sending video emails is a snap in LiveWire because we have integrated BombBomb videos! You will simply record your videos on the BombBomb platform, and you will then be able to send them through your LiveWire system, just by selecting the video you want. We are different from our competitors, because you are able to make your BombBomb videos a part of your communication plans! That means you can reach your folks with any combination of emails, videos, text messages, traditional mail, or phone calls, all done by your drip campaigns!

Can I add a recruiting page to my website?

You sure can, in fact you can add pages for whatever you would like! With LiveWire you have the ability to add pages and contact forms as you wish, it could be a recruiting page, a page about your lender, or a neighborhood contact page for handyman references. You will also have control over your website menu on those pages and can make as many pages or sub-pages as you like!

Can I decide which agents get which leads??

Easy as pie… We have built in a great system for lead distribution. With LiveWire, you will be able to automatically distribute your leads between agents by location, price, website origin, or even weighting the leads (example: Wendy gets 2 leads for every lead Carl gets). Even your lender can get in on the fun, because you can create an account for your lender and the leads are routed directly to their CRM, giving the lender a chance to market separately to the lead.

Can I keep tabs on the agents in my team or Brokerage?

With LiveWire the account owner has access to all of the accounts under theirs. We have made sure that you can adjust your Dash board to view your own working information, everyone’s dashboard combined, or you can view each agent’s dashboard for a quick update on where they are. You will be able to see what tasks they are behind on, as well as how they are corresponding with the leads they have been assigned. Even better still, you will be able to view all of the transactions you have at any given point to see exactly where they are in the process!

Can I split billing with my lender?

Sure thing! We are happy to split your bill with your lender so that you can focus on your business. When billing is split a contract must be signed by each party that will be billed.

Is my LiveWire website easy to set up?

When you get your LiveWire Website, it will be ready to go for you! We get some initial information from you, such as Logos, information about your company and your business, so that when we turn it over to you, it is ready to convert leads! After you get your site, it is super easy to change colors, add pages, or even change the layout of your website with 2 clicks! We also have really great support, if you ever need anything, have an idea, or want to change something, we are happy to help!

How do I drive traffic to my website?

There are a lot of great options! Since our sites are built for SEO, some agents like to blog and be very active via social media, which can drive a lot of organic to your website for hardly any cost to you. You can also advertise via Pay-Per-Click Marketing, which we can manage for you (or you are free to do your own) we will work with you to set a budget that will drive great traffic to your site via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can also use mailings and other tricks to drive traffic! Don’t worry, we do a lot of training and blogs that will give you all the know-how you need!

Can I add my past clients and sphere, even if they didn’t come through my website?

Of course you can! We are different than other websites because you can add anyone you want into your CRM and you will have the FULL functionality of our powerful system. Here’s a real life example: I met Barbara at the grocery store, she gave me her email address and told me that she may be looking to buy a house in the next few months. I tell Barbara that I am going to set her up with credentials to my real estate search website so that she can keep an eye out on the market. When I enter her into my CRM, I add her as a lead so that she (A) is automatically emailed login credentials and a link to my website, and (B) is automatically added to my drip campaign for new leads, because I don’t want Barbara to forget about me! And when Barbara buys her new home from me, I can convert her to a contact in my CRM and put her on a drip email for past clients, which means when she gets ready to sell that house, I will be first on her mind! We have designed our system so that you only need one system, not bits and pieces that don’t work together.

Why is LiveWire’s SEO so awesome?

We have taken great care to be on the forefront of today’s technology. Our websites are completely Search Engine Optimized to convert traffic into Real Estate Seller and Buyer Leads.  Every detail from Meta and Micro tags, to page titles have been taken care of for you. We have also built in great features, such as community pages that have search carousels that are architected right into the page so that your property searches rank higher! This is the most search engine optimized platform to date utilizing schema.org and micro formats!

Can I format my own drip campaigns?

You are in control! You can easily lay out your own drip campaigns using our Communication Manager. We allow you to build drip campaigns that work for your business using any combination of: Video Emails, Text Messages, Email, Phone Calls, Standard Mail, or Postcards! LiveWire conforms to your business goals, not the other way around!

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