Real Estate Lead Generation

Take Your Real Estate Lead Generation Platform With You Using these Features…

The LiveWire Solution combines Organic SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing to keep your pipeline full of top-quality leads!

We understand that keeping your pipeline full of buyer and seller leads is the key to success. With the LiveWire Solution you will be able to generate buyer and seller real estate leads from multiple sources.


The LiveWire Solution starts marketing for you immediately. Every LiveWire package comes with dedicated PPC ad spend. Our SEM experts will drive high-quality leads directly to your LiveWire website.

Organic SEO

Behind the scenes the LiveWire Solution delivers organic SEO magic. The LiveWire Solution is the most search engine optimized platform to date utilizing and micro formats. We go the extra mile to make sure your website gets found and converts!

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing is designed to complement your SEO and SEM (PPC) campaigns, with the ultimate goal of getting more people to visit your site and convert those visitors into clients.

Seller Lead Generation

Our home valuation tool is a standard feature with the LiveWire Solution. Our home valuation tool generates an instant valuation report based off of your MLS data and notifies you when a lead comes in.



Powerful Total CRM

LiveWire’s feature rich Real Estate CRM provides you the ability to not only track what your leads are doing on your website but you can add your sphere and set up video, text, email, and letter campaigns to consistently stay in touch.

Full Sphere CRM

Never switch between platforms again. Easily import or manually add your whole sphere. Tagging feature allows for easy segmenting. Robust filter and sort features lets you quickly find and view the exact information you want.

Leads Dashboard

All of your leads in one powerful dashboard. One-click action buttons allow you to compose an email, text, log a call, set a to-do, add a note, add a communication plan and view full contact details. Track your leads activity on your website and communicate with ease. Your leads will never fall through the cracks again.


Boost your communication efforts with the LiveWire CRM. Create custom communication plans that utilize email, text, video, phone calls and even snail mail. Tailor communication plans based off of lead source. Drip campaigns and customized action plans will impress leads while helping you efficiently manage leads in your pipeline.

Be Social

The LiveWire CRM integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Google+. Spread your message across all platforms with a single post. Save valuable time while getting your message maximum exposure.

Stay Organized

Whether you are a single agent, team or brokerage – the LiveWire Solution has all of the tools to keep you organized. From robust lead assignment to shared Gmail calendars and tasks, you can be assured everyone stays on the same page.

Real Estate Websites

Lead Capturing Real Estate Websites

In today’s market real estate lead generation is key. With the LiveWire Solution you now have the tools available to generate Real Estate Leads for your business. Every Real Estate Website comes with our advanced lead capture that has been proven to generate seller and buyer leads. Zero configuration and you get free upgrades and apps. This means that you own a real estate website that never gets old and only improves with time.

Our Real Estate Websites come standard with the following features:

Multiple Templates

Our modern, versatile templates are the framework to your new Real Estate Website. Your site will then be customized to your unique brand. All of our websites are fully responsive, mobile, and SEO optimized.


Create and add as many pages as you wish. All pages and the menu are fully editable. Display custom property carousels across multiple pages. Fully custom websites are available for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Integrated IDX

Get full SEO benefits from integrated IDX. Every page of your website will benefit your SEO efforts unlike a framed IDX solution. Your Real Estate Website is updated in real-time so your visitors always get the most current information.


Build authority, boost your SEO, and provide valuable content to your website visitors.

Seller Lead Generation

Capture seller leads by offering an instant home valuation tool. Potential clients will be given an instant report based off of your MLS data. You get notified immediately when someone requests a home valuation report so you can follow up quickly!

Single Property Websites

Easily create a stunning lead capturing single property website for every listing you have. With one click you can post the link to Facebook. Impress your clients while filling your pipeline with leads.

Lead Capture

Our Real Estate Websites utilize multiple proven methods to capture leads. From how users interact with your website, to how we ask users to register, has all been tested to provide you with the best chance to capture leads.

Multiple Domains

With the LiveWire Solution you are able to have multiple domains all flow in to the same CRM. Managing multiple websites is a breeze!

Transaction Management

Our Transaction Manager keeps you, your team, and your clients on one page from start to finish.

Always know where your transactions are so you know what is coming next! If you would like, you can even give your clients access to their transaction and marketing data!

Workflow Templates

It all starts with a workflow template. Default buyer and seller templates are loaded and ready for you to customize to how you do business. All property data is pulled directly from the MLS saving you from tedious data-entry.

Tasks and Permissions

Easily assign tasks and set permissions for each step of the transaction. Add your clients to the transaction and keep everyone on the same page from contract to close.


Upload and keep all of your documents in one place. Track offers, showing requests, notes, and correspondence for each transaction.