SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a hot topic in the real estate world since about 2008. The internet has taken over for the “shopping” of houses and the marketing of homes/properties for sale. Utilize SEO to your advantage to create a strong pipeline of leads with the LiveWire Solution.

IDX Websites

IDX is short for “Internet Data Exchanged” and it controls how listings from your local MLS show up on your Real Estate Website.

The LiveWire Solution has integrated IDX Websites which means our platform creates crawlable pages for each listing on your website site- to include all of your listings in your MLS. These crawlable pages means that your site has literally thousands of pages that can be seen my major search engines. The more pages = the higher ranking on Google.

Why does integrated IDX matter to you?

The more content your real estate website provides, the more potential leads you get! Integrated IDX websites allows your real estate website to have thousands of pages indexed by Google which gives you a bigger net to cast out into the Internet.

What type of content should my Real Estate Website have for better SEO?

Simple, content pages and blogs!

Content Pages

Google displays web pages in their search results based on 2 things: relevance and authority.

Google determines the relevance of your page by analyzing its content based on several factors- to include where and how often you use certain words in that piece of content (keywords)

Google measures authority by the number of links pointing to that page and how trustworthy those links are.

Adding content pages (such as community pages) to your website will increase your SEO because of the keywords used and the links that are provided pointing to those pages. Check out more about community pages and SEO with the LiveWire Solution here!


Blogging is huge for SEO. Blog about home buying/selling tips, neighborhoods, community events- anything that people will search for! By providing unique blogging content, your SEO will rank higher. The LiveWire Solution has designed our real estate websites so you can blog directly onto them with Google tracking/indexing. It is simply ONE LOGIN for all your real estate website tools.


The LiveWire solution has newly designed widgets that will help boost your SEO. These widgets you can place on your content pages to create link backs within your website and reduce your bounce back rate.

Let the LiveWire Solution take the wheel on your SEO! Schedule a personal demo of our platform today and check out our affordable pricing!