We know that being a Real Estate Agent can be like a juggling act in the circus- trying to manage multiple systems, real estate lead generation, and work your business on the go! The LiveWire Solution has designed two key features to take the workload off of your plate with our ONE login system for everything!


Auto Communications


Our Auto Communications can be found in our powerful Leads Dashboard. Simply upload a communication plan (also known as a drip campaign) into the communications area of the CRM. Then, head to Auto Communication within the Leads Dashboard and choose the plan, the prospect type, and if you want the plan “on” or “off”.

For example, I choose a communication plan, a buyer for my prospect type, and the plan status is on—Now any buyer lead that comes through my leads dashboard is AUTOMATICALLY assigned to that specific communication plan and I am already reaching out to them without manually doing it!

Take a look at what the screen looks like to set this up…. SIMPLE!


Let Us Do The Work For You…


Auto Responders


Want an even more personal approach to an automatic system? Our Auto Responders are perfect for that! We have auto responders for email and for texting directly from our platform using Twilio.

You can find these auto responders in admin settings and they can be set up for certain type of “Events” that happen within your CRM. These events include a property status change, welcome message for buyer/seller, new lead, returning lead, request a visit, new home valuation, welcome message for buyer, welcome message for seller, new form submissions. Each event will show if the auto responder message will be sent to the agent, lead, or both.

You can personalize your message for each type of auto responder to manage your real estate lead generation.

Check out these text templates you can send to leads to get responses!

Here is a preview of how it looks to set these up…


Let Us Do The Work For You…

These automatic solutions to managing your real estate leads are important for you to your leads that you can respond quickly, effectively, and with knowledge. Don’t let your leads slip between the cracks because of response times! Check out our other blogs on why response times are crucial to your success!

Are you looking to do more with your real estate website and real estate lead generation? The LiveWire Solution has you covered with our end-to-end affordable solution. Head over to www.thelivewiresolution.com to learn more and check out our pricing packages!