Text Messaging Cold Real Estate Leads

Do you have a database full of cold buyer and seller leads? It happens! Are your drip campaigns not getting the response you had hoped for? If you are struggling to bring life back to a cold database, text messaging is a great way to get your message across. With a 98% open rate, text messaging can be the missing spark that gets a conversation going.

Texting Cold Seller Leads

Having an Instant Home Valuation Tool  is a great way to collect potential seller leads. Typically these leads are in the very early stages of determining if selling is right for them. If you have been unsuccessful in qualifying the lead try the following text message:


Several homes have just sold in your area and it has likely changed the value of your home. Can I send you an updated estimate of its value?

Why it Works

The goal is to pique the potential sellers interest and elicit a response. Receiving a positive response will open the door to qualify the lead and lock down the listing.


Texting Cold Buyer Leads

Cold buyer leads typically make up the largest part of an agents database if online lead generation is being utilized. A lot of an agents time can be spent on working these leads. Text messaging is a great way to facilitate instant conversations. Try the following text message:


Some new homes that I think you will love have hit the market. Would you like me to send you the info? – (Agent Name)

Why it Works

Again you are piquing interest. Although the potential buyers can easily look online at new listings, you are creating curiosity by stating you have found properties that they might love. Have they seen these properties? Do you have access to something they do not? Buyers who are actively looking will not want to miss out on a home that may be perfect for their needs.

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Happy Texting!