Branding is an essential part of building a business. Strong real estate branding can leave a powerful impression. When your marketing efforts span multiple channels it is imperative to ensure that your branding is clear and consistent.

Here are some tips to strengthen your brand while focusing on lead generation.

Define your niche

You can’t be everything to everybody. If you specialize in multiple niches, such as REO’s and vacation homes, make sure you are marketing only to one niche at a time. Create a website for each specialization and become the authority. The LiveWire Solution makes it easy to manage multiple websites.  Your leads will all flow in to the same CRM making follow-up a breeze. Automated responses based off the lead source will ensure your message is always tailored to the lead.

Name and Logo

Your name and logo should be a prominent part of all of your marketing materials and channels. Don’t be a secret agent! Google your name and take notice of what is returned in the search results. This is especially important if you have changed brokerages. Make sure all of your social media, web based profiles and returned search results are displaying the correct contact information with consistent branding.

Lead Generation

Branding alone will not generate leads. You MUST also focus on real estate lead generation and lead cultivation. Having a strong brand to add to your marketing efforts will help boost your credibility and keep you top of mind.

The LiveWire Solution gives agents the tools to brand, lead generate and convert.