The LiveWire Solution combines Organic SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing to keep your pipeline full of top-quality leads!

We understand that keeping your pipeline full of buyer and seller leads is the key to success. With the LiveWire Solution you will be able to generate buyer and seller real estate leads from multiple sources.

1. SEM (PPC)

The LiveWire Solution starts marketing for you immediately. Every LiveWire package comes with dedicated PPC ad spend. Our SEM experts will drive high-quality leads directly to your LiveWire website.

2. Organic SEO

Behind the scenes the LiveWire Solution delivers organic SEO magic. The LiveWire Solution is the most search engine optimized platform to date utilizing and micro formats. We go the extra mile to make sure your website gets found and converts!

3. Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing is designed to complement your SEO and SEM (PPC) campaigns, with the ultimate goal of getting more people to visit your site and convert those visitors into clients.

4. Seller Lead Generation

Our home valuation tool is a standard feature with the LiveWire Solution. Our home valuation tool generates an instant valuation report based off of your MLS data and notifies you when a lead comes in.

Here is a peek at our Home Valuation…

This is the home screen for Home Valuations on the client’s end. They enter in their address and our platform generates a home valuation report that gives them all their home’s information as well as a low, median, and high estimated dollar value for their home.

Real Estate Lead Generation 4 Ways

Once a lead completes a Home Valuation on your website, you will be notified. When you login to your CRM you will see on your dashboard that you have a new Home Valuation…

Real Estate Lead Generation 4 Ways

When you click on the Valuations icon, it will direct you to your new leads/valuations that came through your website. You can also be notified by email and text message that you have a new lead with a home valuation report!

To see a Home Valuation in action, check out this blog!

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