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Real Estate Marketing that gets Results. Dominate Your Market with The LiveWire Solution.

Learn how the LiveWire Solution’s all-in-one real estate business tools can be used to fit your unique market and business style.

No two real estate markets are the same. From bustling metropolitan areas where multiple offers reign supreme to small farm towns where things move just a little bit slower, the LiveWire Solution is built for how you do business.

Not sure how the LiveWire Solution will benefit your business? Do you have marketing questions?

Your success is our success and we LOVE to talk marketing! Are you looking to break in to a new niche? Are you having trouble with converting leads? The LiveWire Solution explores the ins and outs of real estate marketing and presents you with the latest in real estate lead generating methods. Each month we take a deeper dive to explore topics that are geared towards generating, converting and closing more leads.  From blog posts, to video content and live webinars, we strive give you the lead generation advantage. Connect with us on FaceBook to keep up to date with our marketing content schedule.

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You will be connected with an industry professional who understand real estate marketing, lead generation and how different markets affect daily activities.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Is LiveWire for me – Business/ Market Overview
  • Blogging
  • Geo-farms
  • Niche Marketing
  • Increasing Exposure

  • Social Media Ads
  • Converting Online Leads
  • PPC overview
  • Productivity
  • Marketing Plans

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LiveWire Solution offers all in one real estate sales marketing solution for the agent, agent team or broker that wants to grow their business & close more deals.

LiveWire Solution can easily increase your leads by over 600%.

Schedule a demo today and find out how LiveWire Solution can increase your conversion rates and bring in more leads. No Contracts Ever!