Tired of not having a revenue producing real estate website?

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Many real estate professionals are frustrated by having a website that can’t compete in the industry and falls short of helping them meet their transaction goal.  In 2016, you can simply convert your website from having the basics into a revenue producing real estate website that you can easily market to generate more business.

Your webinar outcomes include learning to:

  1. GENERATE more buyer and seller leads from diverse sources
  2. COMMUNICATE with leads immediately by leveraging advanced technology
  3. CONVERT leads into buyers, buyers into homeowners and homeowners into sellers
  4. BUILD your real estate brand with the needed content and customization
  5. EXCEED your 2016 transaction goal by aligning your lead gen to your commission target
  6. Open Q and A

Join us for Thursday’s webinar to learn the 5 must have’s for a successful real estate website that goes beyond the basics.  In 30 minutes, you will to easily convert your basic real estate website into a valuable resource destination for consumers.

Please register at:  http://livewiresolution.com/webinar

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