It’s important to show your leads and clients YOU when you are working with them. This can be a difficult task when your leads find you online because all they see is your real estate website. But what if your website was customizable and you had control over the “character” of it to reflect who you are? The LiveWire Solution offers just that.

We want agents to have the flexibility and freedom to customize their real estate websites so they shine through as the local expert in their market. We have designed a login to your website that allows you to control and customize your content pages, menu items, agent team, themes, social media links, images, blogs, and footer information. Take a quick peek at what the login screen looks like…it is simple and easy to use!


Your Website, Your Way


Three of our most popular features for customizing websites are blogging on your website, content pages, and themes.


We designed our platform to have great SEO benefits, one of these features being blogging directly to your real estate website. Literally, just login to your website, write your blog, and post! It will post to your website blog category and from there you can share to social media or copy the link to email out!

Want more info on blogging to your website? Check THIS out!

Content Pages

When you become a client of the LiveWire Solution, we create your content pages for you (the amount depends on the package you have!). But we don’t want you to stop there, the more original content you have on your page, the better SEO ranking! We have made it so simple to create content pages (to include widgets and property carousels) so your website never goes flat. We are always here to help you along the way and guide you through your SEO and content pages if need be.

Here are some other ways LiveWire can boost your SEO.


We have different themes you are able to choose from (and change at anytime) for your real estate website. Simply preview a theme and if you love it then you can activate that theme for your website. You can do this as many times as you want, whenever you want!

Want something done to your website that you don’t see as an option? No worries! Reach out to us and we can help make your real estate website exactly to your liking.

The LiveWire Solution is made BY agents FOR agents. We have designed our platform to be powerful, useful, and ONE LOGIN for everything. Check out our affordable pricing plans at and sign up for a quick demo! Our team looks forward to talking with you!